Ankh - Passive Consumable.


Talisman of life. Cannot be used directly. On your death this Ankh will shatter, reviving you fully.


Resurrects you to full health and grants brief invulnerability upon death.


  • The Ankh can only be obtained in Normal mode, where you receive one at the start of every act.
  • Furthermore, on Normal mode, there is an additional feature that prevents an instakill from happening to the player. This also exists on Hard mode.
  • Upon dying, you will become invincible for a brief period and be sent back to the current area's entrance.
  • When the Ankh breaks, every skill you have will be recharged. However all your active buffs and debuffs will be removed.
  • It is advised that you do not use healing consumables while holding the Ankh as you will be resurrected with full health when you die, thus wasting any healing you did with the Ankh.
  • Using Heal while holding the Ankh is less wasteful, as Heal will be recharged when the Ankh breaks.
  • When holding this and wearing the Lover's Necklace, the Lover's Necklace will break first to direct damage.

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